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Actively Pursue A Positive Future In Challenging Times

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Experiences shape and mold our lives in so many ways. Character, integrity, behaviors, expressions, and mannerisms all are developed from what occurs in life. A lot of what transpires does so because of a choice made. Making a decision, whether right or wrong, has impacts on what can happen in the future.

On the other hand, it has become quite obvious that there will be times when the choices others make directly affect your life; it may be a positive or a negative outcome. Unfortunately, there will be times when this can create a very difficult situation, leaving you to wonder what you did or said that caused such a lousy result.

As bad as it may seem, the lessons that can be learned are profound and can be the very tool for preparing you for a more prosperous future that is impossible to predict. Of course, it would be real easy to just sit back and blame everyone and everything that supposedly put you in this dire situation. In fact, you may be right; it could very well be true and you are completely blameless. However, what good will come of this kind of reaction to the problems you now face?

Everyone is human and has there moments when venting or blowing off steam is necessary to keep your sanity. I submit that this is not necessarily a bad experience. Having an outlet when you are at the end of your rope can be quite therapeutic. Dwelling on the issues, however, serves no purpose but to take you down a path of pity, despair, and possibly depression.

Take the opportunity to look at the details of your challenges. Analyze what you could do or will do to improve your status to prepare for moving forward in all aspects of your life. Keep in mind that the difficult part of this process is admitting any appropriate responsibility you have in the plight of your unfortunate circumstance.

When it seems as though there is no direction to be taken, or you are just not sure what steps to take at this junction in the road, consider the importance of preparation. Even while nothing seems available on the horizon to set your sights on, there is a great deal that can be done to prepare for the unforeseen.

Allot some time to volunteer your expertise, talents, or manpower to serve the needs of others. Yes, this is working for free, but it is only for a small amount of your overall time that needs to be spent on looking for a job, a home to rent, resting from a medical procedure, etc…

Become involved with someone or a company where they can see your working habits, character, demeanor while in a challenging situation, and your ethical behavior. By doing so, you are allowing others to see who you are and how you can contribute on their behalf or that of others. It is a preparation for what possibly could be directly in your path at some future time.

I am currently experiencing this very situation. It has done wonders for me to take the initiative in order to keep my mind focused and off of the negative aspects of my current status with regard to employment and living arrangements. Volunteering at my daughter’s elementary each week, helping someone learn English a little better to become a writer of children’s stories, and learning about SEO technology all have helped me immensely. All of this while going through therapy and having back surgery helps me to stay focused and keeps my mind active in a positive respect.

Now, take the opportunity to evaluate your situation and take control of your life to prepare for a future you cannot predict or see at this moment. Build self-confidence in your skills, develop new skills, or share your skills with others to provide a service. Anything you can do to enhance the positive points of your life is a way of growing personally and professionally. This is your life. What you do with it is completely in your control based upon the decisions you make.

Choosing to do nothing and play the blame game achieves a stronger negative attitude and lousy personality. Conversely, electing to find what you can do to increase your vitality and maintain or gain a positive demeanor puts the world at  your fingertips. Be happy and share with others while you are in your darkest hour; the feeling is powerful and life-changing.

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  1. You have noted very interesting details! ps nice website.

  2. Well done, Great positive insights. Thanks for your contribution. I enjoyed the read and appreciated the practical tips.

    Stephen Hager
    The Hadron Group
    Creators of brain based human development products since 1992

  3. That last part about the blame game is all I ever did; it was always everyone’s fault that I was always pissed, angry, depressed, anxious, had severe skin issues etc. It wasn’t until about Six years ago that I stopped pointing fingers and actually searched for ways to better myself and I did:)) I Hope you had a great new year’s day and I look forward to reading more:))

    • I appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog. Your story is inspiring and helps me to realize that others can benefit from my experiences. Continue on the path you have chosen. It sounds like you have made some excellent choices to turn your life around.

      All my best,




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