Posted by: James Eberts | February 26, 2012

Music For All Kinds Of Experiences In Life

Mind creates life

Music that is heard embeds certain thoughts and ultimately can create emotions, feelings, and even responses as they relate to experiences.

When thinking about what inspires you or what causes you to be more productive, what comes to mind? Do you have thoughts of a particular situation or person? Interestingly enough, music is a very popular source for all kinds of motivation and inspiring thoughts that turn into actions or wonderful deeds. Relying on this external source for helping to take the boredom out of an assignment, pick up the pace at work, or just to start dancing in the middle of nowhere can all be part of the experience.

While driving around parks with walking paths or in the mall and seeing all of the mall-walkers, the majority of them have headphones on listening to what passes the time or takes their minds off of the exercise. Fitness centers have even seen the advantages to providing the treadmills with electronic connections to plug in to music.

The mind works in mysterious ways along these lines. Distracting the mind and changing focus, even for a short time, stimulates more focus and attention. This is one small part of why music in education is used for various situations and along with learning styles and its related elements.

Additionally, experiencing the benefits of what music does during particular occasions stimulates various senses causing memories, feelings, and impressions to be embedded on the mind. Attending a concert or hearing a live dance band really puts motion to the emotions. What’s more, wedding receptions providing live music is a place for feeling the beat and not wanting to sit still. Consequently, you feel happy, excited, and possibly elated over the amount of fun being had by you and your friends and family.

Situations in life all present opportunity for music to become a player in your emotions or how your mind may think about any given circumstance. While visiting with a neighbor’s daughter, she was asked what comes to mind when music is mentioned. She replied with a very profound answer. Essentially, certain genre of music go along with certain events or experiences in life; not bad for a high school freshman. At any rate, the answer was right on target. There is literally music for every situation or experience; meaning that music matches moods.

Think about any time in life, recently or in the past, where you sought out a specific song or musician to hear music that essentially matched the mood you were in at the time. It is almost uncanny how this happens, but it apparently is something that is virtually innate, or at least inherent to the environment or atmosphere of where you may be at any given time.

To have some fun with this phenomenon, next time you are having a moment in life, try to remember to find some music to listen to that matches your feelings at the time or the experience you are having; see how this works out. The first-hand experience just might put a smile on your face and even some laughter in your life. Besides, if the worst that happens is a fresh outlook and a grin, you are in pretty good shape.

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